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We understand the importance of having a room looking at its full potential but we also understand how difficult this can be for some people to try and get the look by doing it alone.  What style to go for? Which fabrics to choose? What furniture to place in that awkward spot? What accessories look best? This is where our Home Styling Service comes in as the perfect helping hand for our clients. 


How it Works


An appointment is set with our stylist who visits your home to discuss the area that you wish to do up.  After you establish a working budget, the stylist will make suggestions on what can be done. A presentation is then held at the shop displaying all the items chosen for the space while also keeping in mind your allocated budget for the job. Once the design is approved, the stylist will then return to your home to style the room/s and finish off the design. 


How can a stylist help me?


  • Styling any room/s inside your house

  • Styling of outdoor spaces including terraces, pool areas, etc

  • Styling any room/s in properties intended for rental purposes 

  • Styling properties for faster resale and maximum profit


Interested? Let’s get started on your project. Get in touch with us for an appointment.   

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